2010 Finished Projects – wrapping up the year

Well I’m still wrapping up. I wanted to do a wrap up on the Bead Journal project I did in 2010, plus all of my finished projects before I put my “list” on the sidebar into cold storage and officially move onto 2011. Here are links to every one of my finished projects and all I can say is “WHEW!”. I’m thrilled to be done, but awed by what I accomplished. Frankly I’m not a finisher (usually) but now I really can say I am!

November BJP Spirit Doll
December BJP Spirit Doll
Spirit Doll Ornament Swap
January Bead Journal Project
Brazilian Embroidery Sewing Caddy
February Bead Journal Project
1970’s Crewel project
March BJP Spirit Doll
April Bead Journal Project
May BJP doll
Beaded Bracelet Kit
Brazilian Shell
June Bead Journal Project
July Bead Journal Project
August Bead Journal project
September Bead Journal project
October Bead Journal Project
Brazilian Eucalyptus flower embroidery

Here’s the final visual of my Bead Journal project dolls:

I had so much fun doing these and frankly I’m a bit tired of them now – however, throughout the next year I’ll definitely do more – maybe to put in my Etsy shop (which is kind of unloved – I really need to revamp it)?

Thanks for everyone’s support and I can’t wait to finish a bunch of projects this year – LARGER ones, so a bit more ambitious and I’m really going to learn to make peace with my sewing machine – wish me luck! ha ha!

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