A stitching injury and more books

Taking a few weeks off from stitching – and I guess it’s not fair to say it’s a stitching injury, but it is an injury that keeps me from stitching. I pulled the upper muscles in both my arms. I’m under Dr’s orders to not strain them, but sheesh, do you know how much you use those muscles? crewel is totally out of the question and even beading and cross stitch are hard on it. So, I’m on a break – hopefully better soon!

I have however been reading!

First, confessions…do you ever read Harlequin Romances? In college I had a roommate that would bring in grocery bags full – I could read two a day. Some were well written and some were junk. So, last week I took a break and read “The Inconvenient Duchess” – cute, historic, fairly predictable, but a fun quick read.

Tigers In Red Weather – I had a hard time rating this book. I think it’s beautifully written, but on the other hand, I really hated the characters. I felt the story was interesting in how it was told and the language it was written, but it left me wondering – and not in a good way.

The Art Forger – Really enjoyed this, multilayer plot and interesting insight into the art and art forgery worlds.


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