Why do I love fiber art?
I grew up doing embroidery and crafts (including various painting techniques). I went to college and got an art degree (graphic design, but I would have preferred fine art).

Years ago, I dug out my grandmother’s crazy quilt and started researching how to “fix” it (the silk had all shattered). This started my long exploration of embroidery, quilting, crazy quilting and all things fiber arts.

I had gone through a 5 year artistic block and this blog, combined with my Grandmother’s crazy quilt have successfully unblocked me!

I’ve since had a gallery show (in combo with some other friends) and have started actually thinking seriously about my artwork again.

I stumbled into writing through blogging and now have a long list of articles I have enjoyed researching and writing.  I also used to be “ring mom” for the “bloggers who embellish” webring – before I sort of let that go – webrings sort of died and went the way of Facebook I fear!

The picture above is a self-portrait – I also like to mess around with Photoshop! 🙂

I am also the creator and editor of  Denver Parent – a website that helps parents who need support (single parents, special needs parents, etc) or who are new to the area connect and find great groups! I do all of my “Mommy blog” giveaways over there, so go check it out!

If you’re into 1950’s houses, we also have a houseblog over at Mid Century Style Magazine along with a directory of Mid-Century Motels!

I’m back with the Examiner as their national “Mid Century Design Examiner” – watch for fun stuff going on there (including a tour of 1950’s motels!). I am also the “Denver Craft shopping Examiner”.

Facts about me:
Day job: Co-own an internet marketing and programming company – Widget Inc.
Kids: two, Matey Moo (14) and Missy C (15) (they’re 18 mos apart)
Favorite mediums: crazy quilting, beading, embroidery
Other hobbies: reading, 50’s houses and interiors

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