And the sewing begins – seriously this time.

Ironically, I started this post a year ago – yep! Seems to be my Achilles heel – the desire to learn to sew better and my fear of my machine.

So, last year I fearlessly emailed the author – who has a marvelous blog “Whipstitch” and asked her if she minds if I use photos (can you imagine her gorgeous pictures next to my creations – ha ha!) and she said yes!  So, I’m really going to do it this year.

“Stitch by Stitch, Learning to Sew One Project at a Time”by Deborah Moebes

So, I’m going to start to work through the projects. She has a “mini-project” in the book and I’m going to start with that and pick the fabric for napkins.

I’m also going to attempt to try to finish all of my “in progress” or “UFO” projects so I can get those out of the way and start doing things I deem “fun”. They are listed in my sidebar and I’d LOVE LOVE to get them finished this year.



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  1. ladyhawthorne

    Don’t be afraid of your machine, it’s a tool like any other. One with which you can make useful and beautiful things.

  2. mary-frances

    Thanks so much! I just am so afraid of messing up projects I’ve worked on forever – it’s silly and I definitely need to get over it. No matter how much hand work I do, so many things need to be finished by machine (made into something, hung up on the wall etc). I just really need to make friends with it.

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