BJP – where I run off track and finish late

Here is my AUGUST Bead Journal Project entry – FINALLY! Whew! We had a crazy month, moving, organizing, I didn’t even have my studio reset up until after the end of the month. Plus, I lacked inspiration – then one night I realized that we are doing so many of the changes in our life right now for our kids, that this is what this doll is called “For the Children”: I have had this fabulous velvet fabric around for years and it was my inspiration – I tried a different “treatment” for her hair – and I sort of like this – whimsical and yet sort of old fashioned.

She’s special because throughout the chaos of the month, I “broke” a rule and ran her over deadline, but it was worth it – it was a chaotic summer and now it’s over and NOW I’m back on track for this month – I even know what I’m doing already. Look for September’s doll soon!

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  2. Cyndi L

    Getting off the track is not a problem, especially when this is the result! Welcome back to less chaos this fall 🙂

  3. Robbie

    So glad you’re back on track! I know what that’s like!! I’m just finishing up Aug. myself. Love your doll project! She looks so happy!!

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