Crazy Crazy May

Well I have NOT gotten much done this month – except for finishing some things, I’ve just been zonked out in front of the TV every night With the kids still in elementary school, it seems like they pack a years worth of activities into May! It’s crazy. That and trying to get work (ok, I’ll admit it my busines 2011 taxes – yikes!) done, it seems like I’m very behind this month.

However, I started this crewel project (which I’m really really excited about)

and I finished this project (binding in front of the TV is one of the easiest, most relaxing things I know how to do!).


So, here’s to June being when I get caught up on TAST and get a bit more organized for summer stitching (I LOVE taking the kids to the pool and stitching while I hang out in the sun!)

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