Crewel and Quilt so close to finished I can taste it!

alec quiltAfter redesign after redesign purchasing of new fabric, reorganizing and organizing blocks, and then piecing, finally, Alec’s quilt is pieced and ready to go! The lesson learned here is never (I mean, never ever) put a quilt away and forget it. The biggest issue is all the “cute” fabric I had that I couldn’t get anymore. So, it left me with only so many design options. plus, his bed doubled in size. Trust me, this was NOT the way to do my first (yes, my first) full sized quilt!

So, now it’s off to Holly’s quilt Cabin to be sandwiched and quilted and with any luck at all will be done by Christmas! Hooray!

And here’s the crewel piece – it needs to be put together into a pillow, but that should be fairly simple! I loved this project and really hope to do more – it was fun, fairly fast and totally worth the end results!


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