Day 12: Something I’m OCD About

Ok, this is going to seem really really “out of the blue” – however, back in November, I had decided to do a meme about 30 days of me and I got through exactly 11 of them! ha ha. Either I don’t like structure (this is my bet) or I don’t love talking about myself (probably not true since I have a blog and it’s about me 90% of the time). However, I did actually publish this list on my “about” so it’s time I finished it up! 🙂

So, to answer the question, there isn’t really much I’m NOT OCD about – I’ve given up on my kids rooms, but that’s only out of necessity – I grin and bear it.

Define OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): An anxiety disorder in which a person experiences recurrent unwanted thoughts or rituals that the individual cannot control. A person who has OCD may be plagued by persistent, unwelcome thoughts or images or by the urgent need to engage in certain rituals, such as hand washing or checking.

However, interestingly I used to be really slack in my stitching standards. I’d put up with about any mistake to get to the end. So, what’s different?

I’ve started ripping stitches out and starting over. I’ve even started using templates (GASP) to mark my stitches. On my most recent Fairy project, I even tore out a ton of work that just didn’t make me happy.

So, here’s one of the items I whipped up this weekend:

One of the reasons I’m a crazy quilter is that it’s easy to fix mistakes (more posts to come on how I did that here) and it’s also quick and painless and I don’t stress about crazy little things like measurements! 🙂

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