Field Trip

Yesterday my friend Dianna and I (hey, Dianna when are you going to start a blog?) drove to Castle Rock through a bit of leftover snow to take a Brazilian embroidery class from Pam Cole with Heavenly Threads. So, I have lots of pretty eye candy! (be sure to make the jump to the next page)

This is my one time this year I’m breaking my vow of no more projects…and I must say I broke that vow “with style”. I got myself into my biggest Brazilian embroidery project yet! Yay! I also picked up a “little one” I”m going to do for Missy C’s room.

However, brace yourself because our teacher had LOTS Of show and tell, so not only is there our new projects, but some fabulous eye candy that she’s working on!

So, here’s my new project. It’s fabulous – and what’s hard to see in this picture is all the little bugs and creatures. I can’t wait to not only do it, but to use some of those in other things I’m working on – like my fairy picture.Then I also purchased this “little” one for Missy C’s room: Dianna will have to set up a blog and show you all what she bought! She’s been sucked in! ha ha!

Then Pam showed us around and this is what she’s working on:

Here’s a bunka piece – which is described here if you’re not familiar with it:

Then here was her Japanese embroidery piece. It’s really lovely. She’s doing another one with fans, but I didn’t get a photo of that one:

She also had this nice Hardanger sitting over a chair:

And last but not least the Brazilian piece she’s working on – which I almost did for my project. Oh well, maybe after I finish mine!

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