Finished Shell and June’s BJP Spirit doll

Wow! I finished something else! Woot!

Unlike my other pieces, this is going to be made into a pillow and put on Etsy – yay! so, watch for that!

Now, if you don’t happen to be my Facebook friend or have known me personally, you won’t know that we’ve actually put our house on the market. Not to go much farther (we’re staying in Denver) but to get someplace bigger and closer to the kids new school. So, the last two weeks here have been chaotic (at best) getting ready for house showings (we go on the MLS today – yay!).

In between stuff, YES, I pieced my next spirit doll – which I am eternally grateful because the stitching is coming along  nicely. This is the first piece that I’ve stitched before piecing and I can already forsee some issues. I’m also going to want to deal with the seam afterward, so I suspect there will be stitching now and later.

However, in her current state, she is fabulous – and amazingly a crazy pieced reflection of my month.

I feel free, creative, happy, springlike and like exploring (isn’t change all about exploration?).

Anyway, more on this later. I’m having a blast with it, so it might be done in the next day or two – I’ll let you know!

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  1. Robin A

    I see that you worked out how to deal with the face and stuffing your doll quite nicely (in your more recent post)… I love the happy spirit of this doll. Good luck with your move… It can be quite chaotic, but at least you’ll have your own studio space!

  2. Robin A

    Oh, I forgot to mention… your embroidered shell is very lovely!!! Good idea to make a pillow with it!

  3. Diane Lithgow

    great spirit dolls i love them and you combining the embroidery with beading. love the brazillian shell. i was a fan of brazilian work in the early 1990’s and have ahuge collection of threads with my mum so this might inspire me to do something with them.

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