Finishing old projects and starting 2011 with new goals!

Here’s what I ended up doing with my Spirit Dolls. I found this “hat” at the thrift store and thought it would work great to hang the dolls from it in a circular pattern. The cool thing is you can now see the bottom and both sides of all the dolls. (and yes, that’s a genuine Susan Sorrell hanging behind it – I have three! Grin!)

Next up is the second of my Hawaiian applique projects. This is the reverse of the other one. All I have left is to finish this, quilt both and turn them into pillow cases for my bed! Yay!

This is NOT mine – yet! This is a picture from a magazine of my net Brazilian embroidery project. Isn’t it gorgeous! The actual one is pretty small, but I’ve copied it onto fabric and now just need threads and I’m ready to stitch (I’m going to use thread I already have! Yay!). I’m interested in the leaves and bow – apparently it’s “stacked stem stitch”. I’ll let you know how that goes!

And finally – here’s the HUGE project I’m back to – it’s my fairy crazy quilt. MUCH MUCH to do here. I need to fill out the “urn” next to her with a HUGE flower arrangement. In fact, I’ve taken a close up of it and I’m going to “draw” the flowers into them with photo shop. I figure it give me a template to work from so I’m not just randomly adding flowers (which is what I was  doing there). Then at the bottom right of her is going to be a mushroom with little critters and flowers around her. Of course I still need to embellish the crazy quilt border too! Whew! Lots to do, but I have her all ready to go, threads picked out and I”m ready!

So, what are you working on? Do you have goals for 2011? Or just work on whatever you feel like?

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