Have I mentioned I’m ADHD?

There wasn’t a diagnosis for ADHD when I was a kid, or I’m sure I would have at least been in the running. I’m literally unable to do the same project for any long period of time, so I start new ones (and don’t finish – thus my side bar list of projects). I cleaned the list up a bit this morning, moving a few into “finished” and deleting a few.

This one is probably the closest to being done:

I added the last “seam” (yellow and orange) last night and now it’s just a few french knots and I’m DONE! (with this side). The other side needs a bit more but it’s also close – then I move on to sewing it all together – hmmm, I petrified, but I’ll do it I suppose. I just need to buy binding.

Then there’s this project:

I started the long and short stitch which makes up the “fur” of the reindeer. Hopefully I’ll get farther – I might sew the crazy quilting border around the edge to give me more to work on AND to make it all look more finished.

Missy C’s Kitty quilt is painfully close – however, I’ve decided to hand quilt it. So, I think that’s going to remain on the list for next year. I just need to sandwich it and put it in a hoop. I think my goal on that one is to have that ready by the New Year.
Speaking of New Year – if you’re not familiar with Christine Kane, you should be. Last year I wrote a long missive about her “word of the year” and I think my efforts were very successful – I’ll be writing a post on that really soon. This year, my new word is “Focus” – more to come on that, but I am focusing on my fiber art a lot more, so with the Bead Journal Project and other upcoming things I’m going to actually try to finish and explore my art a lot more this year!
Oh, and my lace is selling quickly in my Etsy shop – so if you want some, pop over and snap it up!
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  1. Anonymous

    Hey there- it's been a long time since I visited your site. It's looking good! What projects are you working on these days? Love the embroidery- gorgeous!


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