Hoarding or just “Killer Stuff”? A new book series review!

I have taken a bit of a break from stitching to attend my 25th College reunion (honestly I had NO idea I’d gotten that old!!) – which was a blast, but I came home exhausted, so I’ve been relaxing and catching up on my reading.

So, if you do crazy quilting (or any needlework really) you probably teeter on the edge of being a hoarder, like myself! My kids and I just did a big purge at the beginning of spring break and now need to have a garage sale (I haven’t even started going through our “backstock” (you know those areas that have junk you haven’t looked at in several years?).

Anyway, while I was doing this, I started reading Sharon Fiffer’s series about “Jane Wheel” starting with the book “Killer stuff”. Jane is basically a hoarder (who is trying to be a picker if she can get rid of things) , going through a mid-life crisis and discovering that she’s pretty good at being a detective.

The characters around her are fun and many of the stories (I just finished the 3rd in the series) focuses around her parents 50’s something bar (which of course I’d love!).

Her family life, the mysteries and the people who surround her make these a really fun read!

Other than that, I really need to get back to stitching – anyone else gotten stuck? How do you get back into projects after a lull?

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