I should just admit….I’m an addict

Sigh. I just realized I have a problem. I know, all of you will laugh because those of you who are on Facebook or who follow me Twitter-wise or whatever, probably know this, but I have a blog problem.

I know, it’s not news.

However, I may have just reached my peak. I have subscriptions to 399 blogs that I try to keep up with (as I wrote this and read posts, I added one more, so I’m at an even 400 now!). This along with the fact that I own/administer 4 blogs and write for 3 other publications. I know. It’s a disease.

So, with 1000 blog posts to catch up on, I keep seeing gorgeous artwork, after gorgeous artwork (which will follow here, if I don’t fall asleep catching up on all of them). But keep in mind, I read Mid-Century blogs, news blogs, parenting blogs, art blogs, inspiration blogs and well, it goes on.

I have a problem. It’s a disease.

So, here’s the culmination of what I found for art blogs (especially interesting to those of you who think I’m productive and do amazing work – ha ha).

Lisa Call (who’s a massive inspiration, just sold this fabulous work to a hospital:

She’s an inspiration and I’d love to reach that point in my career – someday.

Then there are these fabulous tutorials, but they’re in Turkish, but apparently some are translated – since I’m working on my flowers I think this is a great resource (oooo, and ahh below:)

I found that gem on Enbrouderie – which is a fabulous resource of all sorts of awesome styles of embroidery!

And THEN! This fabulous Brazilian embroidery tutorial on Shawkl – LOVE this flower:

At least the flowers are resources for my current project – the rest is unavoidable eye candy. So, how many blogs do you read?

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  1. Hannah

    Usually Google Translate does a fairly good job with foreign-language translation of embroidery blogs. You just go to http://translate.google.com/ and put the website in the box, choose “Detect language” and hit translate. Works like a charm on practically anything! I use it a lot myself 🙂

  2. Phillipa

    I have the same addiction as you. Well maybe half as bad as you.
    I follow 145 blogs by Google and heaps by Rss feed.I have 618 posts waiting at the mo..lol.
    I am a very fast reader and just vacuum up all the inspiration out there. Mt favourites are the ones that show “the process”.
    Regards Phillipa
    In NZ

  3. Jill

    And don’t forget your Blog Frog community. 🙂 I, too, get sucked in to everything but blogging for my own blog!

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