Knotted Cretan for TAST and switching UFO gears

Starting with “gear switching” this is what I’ve BEEN working on – my butterfly block. With the last few TAST stitches, I’m going to admit to being tired of the block and just “throwing down stitches” which I don’t love. So, I”m taking a break. I’ve hung this up on my design wall to ponder further. There is an unfinished motif in the upper left corner that’s a lazy daisy butterfly (see past posts) – but other than that, I’m having a hard time embellishing those large pieces of lace -t he white and pink and I KNOW the embossed butterfly in the middle needs help, but NO idea where to start. So, it’s up on the wall and I’m switching to my….
Fairy – this project I started years and years ago as part of the “Fairy Goddess mother’s” – Lynda M Poole’s group that used her pattern of a fairy. Anyway, it’s never been finished – so many plans and so little knowledge! So, here I am, back and working on it:

I conquered one seam around the edge with the TAST knotted Cretan stitch.

Not sure I loved the outcome – sort of subtle, but I’m not sure I really knotted it. I wonder if it wouldn’t look great with a bead on it? Maybe I’ll do another layer over it with beads?

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