Mid-Century martini towel finished (and for sale on etsy)

So, I’ve posted a few pictures of this “in progress” but here it is (I’ll explain the pen in a second):

I’m really happy with it and trying to decide if my next one (I have 3 towels) should be the same – or a slight variation or completely different. I’ve decided I LOVE coming up with embroidery from clip art designs.

So, now the pen – it’s a pilot Frixion pen and it’s AWESOME! What I particularly love is you can trace a design and the tracing is black. I wasn’t in a rush to stitch this, so held it and it got shoved in a bag and even taken to the swimming pool. And when I ran an iron over it – TOTALLY GONE! Love it! So, I’ll be doing more things with this pen! It’s fabulous.

Oh, and if you want the towel (or a pillow or a few other materials I need to post) check out my Etsy store.

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