My ever-evolving blog – the “new” “Art Abandoned”

One of my digital art pieces

This blog has always been a challenge to me – my other 3 (yes, count them 3) blogs are very subject oriented and so easy to track and follow. This was my first blog and so has years and years of data. If you go back through my old posts, I’ve lost links and pictures and tons of information that I haven’t had the time or energy to repair. However, it’s such a diary of my life and artwork that I wouldn’t dream of deleting or starting over.

I was sitting in a blogging seminar (yes, we geeks go to these things) and had an “aha” moment. most of what I’ve done on this blog and loved is book reviews and my art. My signature on emails for years has featured the quote “Art is never finished, only abandoned” by Leonardo da Vinci. My old-new blog name never really took off. It was “I am not a handbag” which was a loose reference to this Magritte painting and the fact that “Mary-Frances Handbags” are about the only thing that googles better than my name (geeky sour grapes). However, no one “got it” and in the end, it didn’t really say much about my blog or me.

The new title is “so me”. The da Vinci quote is why I made a miserable graphic artist. GA’s finish projects – and are happy with them. I’m never totally happy with the results of my work. That’s why big pieces take forever for me to finish.

However, amid my slow progress and my inability to finish things, my art is starting to take a turn for the better.

My recent turning point was selling the towel (that’s in my header) on Etsy – way fun! I’m currently working on 3 more for a friend AND I’ve sold about a fourth of my spirit dolls from the Bead Journal Project with plans to put the rest on Etsy this weekend.

Anyway, with this new found focus, I thought I’d refocus (again) my blog. So, welcome to the newest incarnation of my blog and hopefully this one will last for another 8 years! 🙂

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