Obsessive Summer reading

Not so much of the stitching until the last couple of days – my nose has been stuck in a book for 2 weeks now. As I posted on Facebook, I think I have a new record (although I don’t remember ever having one to begin with) and it’s that I’ve read 6 books in 7 days. Currently 1/2 way through a new one on the 8th day (and it’s not even 8am! ha ha).

Mostly they’re “fun” reads – quick and nice, some mysteries. If you want to see what I’m reading, you can check out my Goodreads here. Currently I’m reading another book by Elizabeth Berg. I have to say, if I could write better, I’d want to write like her. I’m 45 and most of her characters are 50ish, but I still relate to her characters. She’s a fantastic writer and I highly recommend all of her books.

I should probably post reviews, but that would require I stop reading long enough to write them – OH and I’m still taking care of kids this summer, working and catching up on household stuff. Crazy!

As for sewing, I did sew up two kindle covers (nicely related, eh?) – one for me and one for Chentie Moo!

I also got back into stitching. On our short trip down to Southern Colorado, I took a cross stitch and that was fun (until I got stuck this weekend trying to figure out what color is which – ugh!). I also pulled my Crewel project back out and finally got back in the mode of doing the TAST (Take a stitch Tuesday) stitches.

Here’s the buttonhole wheel (love it by the way!)

And here’s Palestrina (I admit, I’m cheating, I did this some time ago).

I think I’ll just skip the next couple and catch up – however, I really want to do the chain stitch, so I’m trying to work that out this weekend and then I’ll jump back in where I was.

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