Personal or is it?

Ok, so what to do with a personal blog. I’m going to make this an outlet for my political, creative and parental musings….not sure who will read it, but I figure I need someone to talk to, so why not a blog!
So, maybe a bit about me, I’m a work at home/stay at home mom….who sort of hates the concept of “stay at home moms”….I mean I love staying at home with my kids, but the self-righteous annoying way people tell you that they stay at home with thier kids is weird. I have a sense of humor about being a parent…most of the time and really work to live. Well, hubby works to live, I just live and work a little here and there.
That’s a concept I feel guilty about….not working. So, I have a web design business and an ezine (more about both later) and I plug along trying to make a life.
Well, that’s the “here and now”. I have two kids, Mattie Moo (2) and Missy C (3 and a half) and a dog (Pascal -after the programming language), new kitten “Harry” after a children’s book I grew up with and Dodger, my 15 year old cat, pre-hubby and pre kids!

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