Productive and I’m sewing! :)

If you’ve read my blog at all you know I’m a bit of a sewing machine -phobe! I really don’t LOVE machine sewing, but I have to do it sometimes to get through projects!

This weekend I actually had some fun! I ordered this fabric before Christmas (see how behind I am!) to put curtains on our kitchen window and finally got them up! Nothing fancy, but I think they look cute!
And then this came as a kit from a local church for a charity project – really really simple quilting project. I did all the piecing, so now am going to machine quilt it and self bind with the backing fabric. Hopefully it will turn out really cute! (I’ll probably do the binding by hand – once a hand sewer, always a hand sewer! ha ha!)

Then this little project I had shown the beginning stages of, but I think it’s turning out really cute. I’m going to use it as my TAST submission – even though it’s not the crazy quilt block. I’m so excited to do the wheat ear, but that’s going to have to be on my “catch up list” for this week! 🙂 I used the satin stitch on the big daisies – the stem stitch on the stems (clever eh?) and then many french knots in the centers of the little daisies!

This is going off as a present to someone – so I can’t wait to have it finished in the next day or two! 🙂

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  1. Susan

    Your curtains are so cute! I love the fabric. The quilt will be nice, too. Is this something your church gives out for people to do and return for charity?

  2. mary-frances

    Thanks! I love the fabric too – kind of obnoxious and fun, but really brightens up an all white kitchen! It’s not my church – rather a friend from another group who belongs to a church, and I “think” the group is Firehouse quilts – the church makes up the quilts and they hand them out and then when made up the quilts go to kids and grown ups at the scenes of accidents or other scenes (like home fires) – a really cool charity I think.

  3. Claudia

    Hi! What great curtains! I’m sure they add a nice pop of color to your kitchen. How nice of you to work on that special quilt.
    We have so much to catch up on! I have some fun news to share in reference to that great idea you had a few years ago about online craft classes. I’ll try emailing you this week. Take care!

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