September in Africa BJP – my girl is done!

Well this month’s doll went pretty smoothly! I can attribute a trip to a wonderful bead store for my inspiration – in one corner they had a display of African Trade beads and I said “oooo, I have some of those” and the doll just sort of fell together.

So, what does she symbolize – you might ask? Joy! Joy and happiness and color and fun – a touch of “world-liness” – it’s been a good month and I’m almost feeling “back to normal” (someone once said “normal is a setting on your washer” and I have to agree! ha ha!)

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  1. Patteta Torbetta

    Wow! This one is a brilliant idea! Love it. So different. I think all your spirit dolls are fabulous, but this is the winner in my book. I’m thinking a Native American spirit doll would be appropriate also. I covet your imagination. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas I glean from your site.

  2. babara

    Like Patteta said, I also love all your dolls! Being in the middle of a Native American doll challenge, I’d also like to see what you would do along those lines. JOY definitely fits this doll, love the swirls and colorful bead stackes. Well done!

  3. Margaret Sutherland

    What a great piece. I love the colors and the hair braids. Do you design the fabrics yourself? The black and white design is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. MartyS

    The joy is evident! I love the combination of the colorful beads and the black and white fabric.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  5. Mary-Frances Main

    Thanks all! I am pondering a Native American Spirit Doll, but I have to give credit to my 9 year old daughter who thought of it firt! ha ha.

    Margaret, no, I do not design the fabrics, I just have tons and tons of bits and pieces to choose from and this one leaped out at me on this one!

    Thanks all – you’re SO sweet!

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