Stitch night! How I love thee!

So, this is actually a DAY of stitching, Dianna and I went back down for our second Brazilian embroidery class – and then a piece that was a DEAD UFO and has been brought back to life (bwa ha ha).

This is the piece I was working on in class, and I learned this fabulous detached buttonhole:

I have to say that I didn’t hold out much hope as I was stitching it, but it actually looks great. I still have to do the petals in the middle…I’ll post more when it looks more like a columbine.

Then, the double cast on – SIGH! LOVE this! I actually posted on Facebook how I was geeking out about this stitch (It’s the outside of the bud):

It’s totally fun to do and looks pretty cool. I keep thinking it would make an outstanding bug – wouldn’t it?

And last but certainly not least…I was tired of doing difficult things the other night, when I realized I have had this kit for sale on Etsy for several months without even a nibble. So, guess what? I decided to stitch it up!

It’s going really quickly and I think I’m going to make a pillow out of it and sell it on Etsy. Opinions out there? Pillow or Journal cover? Which is more saleable?
Anyway, either seems more saleable than the kit – which was not moving! ha ha. So, I’m taking preorders – grin! And would take suggestions on how to finish it as well.

And I leave you with a picture of one of our THREE (yes, count em – three) cats – who is now to be deemed “Frasier the Patient”. You might recognize the hat as Missy C’s – I’m not sure the cat thinks it’s as much of a fashion statement! ha ha!

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