TAST Week 6 & 7 – the Chevron and the lazy daisy

I have started this post 3 times and what’s funny is I keep stitching on my seam and having to update it! ha ha! I had the actual stitch done a while ago and kept adding and updating – I meant to post in between and I just didn’t get around to it.

First, the funny thing is I have NEVER done a chevron stitch – in all my stitching, it’s just never come up! So, very fun! I got to play with a new stitch. It started in the simple incarnation to the right – I made it sort of large because I did want to add around it.

But I kept adding and adding and here’s what I ended up withWhat’s funny is that Week 7 is the lazy daisy (detached chain, but it will ALWAYS be the lazy daisy to me) and here are a TON of lazy daisy stitches….the chain and the flower petals above! Tada! I’ll probably do another entry for Week 7, but aren’t I efficient getting them both done! 🙂




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