Two good books to curl up with by the fire!

I haven’t written a book review in a long time and have run across a couple of really good ones lately.

The Book Thief

First, is “The Book Thief” – now out as a movie, this is a fabulous and inspiring book. I was a bit skeptical when I realized the book is narrated by death AND purports to being a teen book (mature teens for sure). But the book walks a marvelous line between telling a horrible story (it takes place in a town outside of Auschwitz during WWII) and painting a beautiful picture. The story is inspiring and hopeful in a time where you can’t believe that existed.

I’m eager to see the movie and see if it does an adequate job of telling this lovely haunting tale.

The Winthrop Woman

Second was a fun find from Kindle, I came across it while looking for something different to read and it was a Kindle daily deal.

This book was a great find! Such an amazing history (not particularly flattering I might add) of the founding of the Colonies by the people fleeing religious persecution in England.

It avoids 5 stars because it does drag at the end and frankly it just seems crazy this poor woman goes through all she does – however, the book is so amazingly researched, I’m sure it’s true, just depressing.

Great, educational read!

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