What I’ve been doing – TAST couching and running stitch

The headline is sort of a tease – here’s last week’s TAST stitch couching:

I really struggled with this, because most of the couching I’ve done was with heavy fibers or eyelash yarns – something kind of bulky and I really couldn’t picture that treatment on this block. However, I found this metallic twist thread and couched it down with a metallic thread and I think it looks great. That beaded swirl was already there and had frankly looked kind of alone and weird and now I really like it.

The reason the headline is a tease is that I didn’t do the running stitch. I just had a hard time figuring out where I would use it. I’d love to use it as a trail to a bee, but alas, I have no bee yet! 🙂 So, maybe I’ll add it in in the future.

In the meantime we switched from cable TV to Direct TV (or satellite) and although that sounds like it has NOTHING to do with crafty sewing, it does! because I had a little TV put into my studio area. I’ve spent the last two days organizing projects and cleaning up. Today I’m working on a lovely embroidered pillow top I found at an estate sale and I’m making it into a very fun pillow…pictures to follow!

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