When stitching sucks

So, I’ve been MIA for a while – reading my tail off (yes, I made my goal of 80 books for the year – even exceeded it – hooray!) – see sidebar for the gory details (ha ha).

The sad news is that while I was on a trip to Dallas, my cross stitch (see prior posts) was lost. I waited and waited hoping someone would find it, but it appears it’s not going to happen and so I’m here:

2012-12-14 06.45.55
Yep, back at the beginning, starting all over. the good news is I wasn’t THAT far, but still.

And in further perfectionist news, I ripped out a whole section of this:

2012-12-14 06.46.05

The flower was the wrong color and the other “arm” of the flower (in sort of a salmon color) was stem-stitched the wrong way and looked stupid. Yes, I’m becoming a perfectionist.

The good news is I’m still stitching and haven’t totally given up!

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