Word of the year 2011 – “Bloom” How I did?

Well, I’m almost tempted to say I gave up on “Bloom” – I certainly didn’t write much on this blog and I finished a measly assortment of crafty projects (not one of them big artistic works – not even SMALL artistic works).

Finished projects (bleck, this is pitiful):

Easy Blanket with Binding

Painted a pottery plate

No-sew Quilt wall-hanging

Martini Towel

As I look back over the year, not many of my big projects were even touched – a few trotted out, looked at and put back, but nothing really even worked on.

However, what I did do was more internal – I’ve now focused my work goals and I know where I’m headed professionally. I’ve gone through all my projects in my studio and know what I want/need to work on.

I’ve also discovered the Mid-Century embroidery as a possible niche and something I really enjoyed doing.  I’m hoping to make more designs and put them on Etsy – maybe even some kits, so we’ll see.

I feel I’ve “bloomed” as a person, but now it’s time to plant some roots!

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