Word of the year 2012 – “Patience” How I did?

Here were some of my goals last year – I will say I did an ok job posting on this blog, but not great, my focus was www.denverparent.net and www.midcenturystyle.net and so as always this is my “hobby” blog. However, my other goals were really mixed – they were:

  • patience
    Chinese Patience Symbol

    TAST – I will be doing “Take a Stitch Tuesday” – where we get a new stitch each Tuesday – the goal is to cross post here and on the new group blog I’m participating in.

  • Sewing Lessons – I’m going to try to each weekend work on a machine sewing projects
  • Book Reviews – I read enough that one book review a week shouldn’t be a big deal at all. My reading goal this year through Goodreads is 80 books (I read 77 in 2011)

Well, I did NOT do well on the TAST challenge – I did really well at the beginning of the year and completely fell apart at the end. Oh well! 🙂
Sewing – pitiful – didn’t do any of my projects. However, this year I have new sewing friends and so hopefully will work out my fear issues and knock those puppies out. This year, I swear!

Book reviews not so great, but I read OVER my goal, so reading was awesome, writing about it, not as good, but I’m hoping to improve this year! 🙂

As for patience – I really tried! each time I got impatient, I refocused on my goal and tried to remain calm. It did help to not worry to much about “making” things happen. It’s amazing how slow life goes in some areas and how fast in others – for example, my kids grow WAY too fast! 🙂

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