Word of the year follow up and new 2015 word: Evolve

A year since I posted on this blog – yikes! I had all sorts of ideas for this last year, but this year I think I’ll use this blog more as a catchall for all of my projects. But on to my “word of the year”.

Self-actualization. That was my word of the year last year and frankly it was a toughie – not sure I thought about it as much as I did, but I did explore some of my talent areas and look seriously at my career goals and make sure I was using my abilities in finding the right niche in life. I’m not finished with a lot of what I started last year, but several things have happened to make me want to shift gears.

Hubby is between contracts right now and so as a result I have decided to go back to work. For a few reasons – money – and also to have some more stability in our lives. Another reason is that I miss it – really miss it – coworkers, focusing on one project, going somewhere every day. I miss it.

Lastly, I need something else in my life, I keep adding volunteer work, entrepreneurial projects and more and nothing seems to “do it” for me.Resolve-to-Evolve2-300x300

This year my word is “Evolve” – hopefully bringing something more substantial to the table, this year I hope to take what I learned over the last year and come out of my cocoon as a butterfly. For many reasons (some personal I won’t go into here) – I see this year as possibly bringing a lot of changes!  Sometimes you just have a feeling about a coming year and this is one for me. So, I’m hoping to take those changes and evolve into my next stage in life.

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